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Back in the 70's it was fashionable to use the humble 11/1300 in films such as Public Information films, possibly due to the fact that supplies were plentiful?

Below, you'll find a collection of such films. Click the image to watch the video. You will be directed to a new window and youTube to watch the videos.

 .: Billy Blunders

Here is the first installment with the Blunders family. If only this poor little 1100 knew what was about to unleashed on it, I'm sure it would have fallen at the first hurdle and broken down.

 .: Mr Blunders

Part two of the Blunders family shows "Mr Blunders" off to work. Leaving the street the family live on, Mr Blunders nearly reverses into a Jaguar.

What a family... could it get any worse?

 .: Mrs Blunders

When I said could it get any worse... it most certainly does!

But, I won't get too involved with the who can drive better (women or men argument). After the gear scrunching, and going through a red light my mind is drawn back to the Days of Driving school and "Maureen".

 .: Being late for the bus

I know this didn't really happen but, I truly feel sorry for the driver of this car, mainly because pedestrians do this, and no matter how you're driving they still do it. What could the guy do?

The woman sat on the bus looks more annoyed that she's going to be late for work.

 .: Pelican crossing

Not really a video bursting with 1100's however two of them are seen driving over the Pelican crossing.

With the "cool" song playing I keep expecting them to Dosey Doe in the middle of the road.. but, sadly, they don't!

 .: Keep your distance

It's about time we showed more of these information films in the UK. How many people do you get following you too closely?

I often wonder what these people are attracted to...

 .: Keep your distance

Now where did that bonnet go? Generally speaking if you have an accident, it's not taken off to stop it getting damaged.

Then again... maybe it left the factory like that?

 .: Don't mix cross ply and radial tyres

For a public information film, this is quite hard hitting.

The message is quite simple; Don't mix radial and cross ply tyres. Personally, I wouldn't use cross ply tyres anyway!


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