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A selection of film clips that the ADO16 appeared in.

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 :: Fawlty Towers

Poor John Cleese, never seems to have any luck when it comes to 1100 motoring. I'll tell you something else too, he's not the only one! This seems to be the moment that sticks in every ones mind when we think back to Fawlty Towers. Its great!

File size: 1.1mb


 :: Clockwise

The first time that we get to See John Cleese and the Morris 1100 united. On the bonnet, but its still amusing. Take notes while watching these videos, and see if you spot any differences in the 1100s.

File size: 444kb


 :: Clockwise

Just as things couldn't get any worse we've got no front wing, and we are also bogged down in the corner of a field. Maybe we should get some law to stop John Cleese hurting 1100s?

File size: 2.3mb


 :: Clockwise

This is a selection of the best bits taken from clockwise. Some of the driving in this clips is well amazing to say the least. And juts think.. this car would have been scrap after this!! How did the lorry not run into the back of it?

File size: 4.2mb


 :: Heatbeat

From time to time, they will use an ADO16 in Heartbeat. The last time an ADO16 was used they set fire to it in a garage. The plot had been changed this time. Instead of a fire the brake lines on the Morris 1100 have been tampered with and as a result the car run's into the back of a parked police car.

File size: 898kb



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