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A selection of period cinema adverts for the 1100/1300.

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 .: It's the car you hoped would happen...

This advert was filmed in 1965 in New South Wales, Australia. It was intended for the Australian market and shows some very cool cinematic effects. it amazes me, just how convincing these effects look even today.

 .: These people are making a film...

... a film about a car. Cheesy cinema film, supposedly depicting a team of people making a film. But, surely there were a team people making a film, about the people, making a film about a car? I'm confused...

 .: Here it is...

Just like on the front of the brochure. The line drawings showing how the engine turned transverse allows more rom for passengers, and their luggage.

 .: Dominion Motors

Whether this is best way to show off a new car is a question commonly raised. Some shots clearly show a vehicle with a damaged front bumper landing panel, and I'm not so sure the car is undamaged...

 .: The worlds most modern car

Greece is the location for this particular advert. Whether the AA badge would still valid out there is another matter. Some fantastic views of the Greek countryside.

 .: See the worlds most modern car

A shorter version of "These people are making a film".

 .: Take a good look...

If you're planning to restore your ADO16, I wouldn't recommend using this video as a basis for colours... the engine and suspension were not Red and Yellow!

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