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Below you'll find some little snips of 1100 trivia. Some you may know, others may be new to you.


The Vanden Plas 1100 was made at Longbridge for its first three years, using trim sent up from Kingsbury. It only went to Vanden Plas when Austin needed more factory space.



Among the accessories available for the Princess 1100 were mock leopardskin seat covers.



A paint factory behind the Kingsbury works caught fire, and asbestos dust settled all over 100 completed Vanden Plas 1300's. The fire hoses were full of cracks and holes and were useless for spraying the dust away. Service manager Doug Stewart is quoted as saying "It was like the keystone kops". Several cars had to be resprayed.



During the development of the Austin Maxi BMC used several 1100's for testing the running gear in. Between them they clocked up 1 million miles.



If a Vanden Plas was ordered with a sunroof it was taken off the production line and sent to Weathershields in Birmingham to be fitted, before being returned to the factory for finishing.



On the 22nd November 1975 British Leyland announced that it would be selling off any remaining 1100/1300 body shells for 100 (a saving on 211!) while all front panels were available for 60 (a saving of 17).



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