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 :: January


The Australian Morris 1100S becomes available with automatic gear change.

 :: February


Production of the Morris 1300 Traveller begins in Spain.

 :: February


Crayford build Morris and MG 1300 convertibles (6 of each marque).

 :: May


The Morris 1100S with automatic transmission is discontinued.

 :: Summer


MG 1300 no longer available with optional automatic transmission.

 :: June


Morris 1500 and Nomad models are launched in Australia. Fitted with the E series engine (used in the Maxi). The Nomad has a hatchback similar to that of the Maxi. In New Zealand the cars were sold as Austins.

 :: July


Riley 1300 Mk2 discontinued because the Riley marque was dropped by the British Leyland Motor Corporation.

 :: Autumn


Austin America revised, now fitted with over-riders featuring a rubber insert in the centre, side marker lamps and the "dreadful" BL logo in front of the doors on the wing edges. Also fitted with the alloy three spoke steering wheel (as fitted to the 1300 GT), smaller headrests and ignition switch mounted to the steering column.

 :: September


11/55 models now available with automatic transmission.

 :: October


Austin/Morris 1300 GT launched. Fitted with the 11 stud 1275cc 70bhp twin carburettor "A" series engine. Also featuring a restyled interior complete with a three dial dashboard, similar to that fitted in the MG. Three spoke steering wheel fitted, which was also used in the Austin America. The Hydrolastic suspension was lowered slightly to give a stiffer ride.

 :: Exact date unknown


Austin 1300 assembly in Novo Mesto (Slovenia) begins.

 :: Exact date unknown


Production of a fibre glass version of the MG 1300 begins in Chile.

 :: Exact date unknown


This curious three box ADO16 rolls out of of the Innocenti design studios. Very little is known about the car.


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