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 :: Early in the year


264 MG 1100 two door saloons were sent to Ireland in CKD form.

 :: Spring


Wolseley 1100 becomes available in South Africa with 48bhp, 1098cc single carburettor "A" series engine.

 :: May


The Austin 1100 Countryman and Morris 1100 Traveller launched in South Africa.

 :: June


The 1275cc 58bhp, single carburettor "A" series engine became an optional extra on MG, Riley, Vanden Plas and Wolseley versions. These models were specifically badged 1275, and only lasted until October.

 :: Summer


MG 1100 no longer exported to America. Austin 1100 would be used as a place holder until the Austin America in 1968. The Austin 1100 featured a single large speedometer fitted in the centre of dashboard, similar to that fitted in De Luxe versions of the Morris/Austin 1100 Mk2 and 1300.

 :: August


Morris 1100s launched in Australia. Fitted with the 1275cc, 63bhp single carburettor "A" series engine.

 :: September


Authi built MG 100 launched in Spain.

 :: October


The 1100 Mk2 models were launched with cropped rear fins, ventilated wheels and indicator side repeater lamps fitted to the front wings. The braking system was also given an overhaul and received larger discs and swinging calipers. Note: Some very early Mk2 models still used the Mk1 system. A revised interior was also fitted. Austin/Morris versions had revised styling at the front end being fitted with a wider grille. Austin/Morris badges relocated from bonnet to grille. Morris model now fitted with black crackle finish dashboard similar to the Austin. Rocker switches used instead of toggle switches on both models. Estate versions gain a simulated wood effect side trim, but retained Mk1 styling at the rear. The MG 1100 Mk2 remains 4 door only in the UK.

 :: October


1300 "proper" models launched. Similar to the 1100 Mk2 except fitted with the 58bhp 1275cc "A" series engine. The Austin and Morris models were fitted with different grilles. For the first time in the UK the MG 1300 was available in two and four door, while the Riley, Vanden Plas and Wolseley continued in four door only. MG, Riley, Vanden Plas and Wolseley models were available with automatic transmission.

 :: October


Jensen convertible, based on an Austin 1100 Countryman, was shown for the first time at the London Motor show, but it never made it to series production. The original prototype was owned by a member of The 1100 Club until the early 1990s.

 :: October


1100 Standard launched in Australia.

 :: November


Morris 1100 Automatic available in Australia

 :: November


A batch of 50 1100 vans had been produced. Model never made it into production.


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