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 :: March


Austin 1100 Countryman and Morris 1100 Traveller launched at the Geneva Motor Show.

 :: Spring


Two door and automatic versions of the Morris Marina and Austin 1100 become available in Denmark.

 :: May


Reclining front seats become available on all models. When specified on the Traveller and Countryman the interior could be converted into a double bed.

 :: July


The Innocenti IM3S launched. This model was better equipped than the IM3. However, during the facelift it lost the over riders but gained a new front grille.

 :: Mid-year


Longbridge had developed a hatchback version of the Australian Morris 1500, code named YDO15. This model would be launched in Australia in June 1969, but would be never sold in the UK.

 :: September


Morris 1100 production begins in Spain, using interior supplied from Innocenti.

 :: 14th December


BMC and Jaguar merge to become British Motor Holdings (BMH).

 :: Exact date unknown


The Wolseley 1100 is launched in South Africa.

 :: Exact date unknown


Two Vanden Plas Princess 1100 Countryman cars produced as prototypes. At least one of these is thought to have survived at least until the mid-1990s, when it was offered for sale by Sporting Cars of Brighton.


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