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 .: March

Production of the Morris 1100 and MG 1100 began at Cowley. Cars would then be placed in large storage fields until they were required for the launch.

 .: 15th August

The Morris 1100 launched as a four door saloon for the home market and a two door saloon for export only. The Morris 1100 was fitted with the 48bhp, 1098cc "A" series engine.

 .: August

The first small batch of Morris 1100's (would be marketed as Morris Marina's) were exported to Denmark.

 .: 2nd October

The MG 1100 launched as a four door saloon for home market and a two door saloon for export only. The MG was fitted with the 55bhp, twin carburettor 1098cc "A" series engine. The interior was more luxurious than the Morris, featuring a walnut dashboard and leather seats.

 .: October

The MG 1100 launched in the USA as the MG "Sports Sedan". The "Sports Sedan" name is only used in publicity material. The car was, however, still badged as an MG 1100.

 .: November

Mud shields were fitted to the rear drum brakes.

 .: December

Thinner front seat squabs were introduced on the MG in December, in order to provide more leg room in the rear compartment.



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