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This is how my 1100 obsession became my hobby...

It all started back in March 1998 at RPM workshops. Roy had taken into his workshop a customerís MK1 Morris 1100. The car had belonged to a Mr Else, who had passed away, and his son had asked Roy to give him an estimate of the cost of repairing the vehicle, but the cost proved too much. SRB was too good to scrap, so it was decided that my Dad would do all of the work at our house.

Work began in April 1998. The restoration was going to take about 4 months. The car needed a wing, a subframe, two full sills left and right, two sill to floor closing panels, two wheel arches, a heel board and part of a front panel.

The first job was to remove the rear subframe, which is a struggle on a sloping drive. The old heel board was cut out and a replacement heel board was welded in. A good second hand subframe was fitted. Once the subframe was back in, the suspension was re-inflated and the car stood proudly on four wheels again.

Next on the list of jobs was to remove the dreaded cover sills that the previous owner had put on. The floor had to be repaired and new inner stress panels were fitted between outer sills and closing panels. Whilst the sills were off it was decided to replace both rear wheel arches because it would be easier to fit both at the same time. The previous owner had replaced the drivers side arch at some point, and the problem was the panel fitted wasn't genuine and whoever had done the repairs had cut the wheel arch right back to the line on the bodywork. This made it very hard to fit another one.

Tackling the driverís side front wing wasn't as difficult as we first thought it would be. Luckily we managed to find a very good second hand, genuine, wing. The front panel at the drivers side had also suffered numerous "dodgy" repairs, and therefore needed replacing. At the time we couldn't get hold of a full front panel, so we managed to get hold of half a Mk1 front panel. This was welded in place along with the wing. Once the replacement panels had been fitted they were rubbed down and sprayed. SRB was got up to MOT testing standards and passed first time. SRB was then taken to her first ever 1100 Club event the National Rally at Rufford Country Park, she won third place in the Mk1 class. The following year at The 1100 Club National Rally at Rufford Country Park SRB managed to scoop third place in her class again.

SRB had only done about 42,000 miles form new and to say the car had been stood in Bakewell for 5 Years under a carport the car was not that rusty and the whole exercise has been worthwhile.

Taken in March 1998, awaiting the work to begin.

The first problem area, the wheelarch had been replaced before, however it had been cut right back to the line on the bodywork.

Drivers wing removed showed rot starting on the top of inner wings. This would be repaired.

Sat resting for the night.

Replacement wing awaiting spraying. Seen at RPM workshops August 1998.


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