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I've been out and about driving through the Derbyshire countryside, and there's always that wall you've never looked over before. Well recently I've been taking my camera out each time I've gone out. Below you'll find a couple of recent personal finds.

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12th April 2004

After a club meeting a few months earlier it came to light that between Killamarsh and Wales Bar (near Sheffield), and just outside the entrance to Rother valley Country Park there was a totally rotten Morris 1100 Mk1. Finished in a bleached Connaught Green colour with the remains of a light green trim. One weekend we decided that we'd take a drive over to have a look. I took the digital camera in the hope of trying to get up close to get a few photo's. However, I was followed by the resident horses! But here's my selection of shots:

Since then, I have been chatting with a local who informed me that the vehicle used to belong to young gentleman who lived in a caravan near to where the car was parked. There was always a dispute between Chesterfield Borough Council and Sheffield, to which council the field belonged, and whether he should be made to pay council tax or not. The gentleman was having an affair with someone he played with Tennis with, and one day in 1986 he left. A few weeks later the caravan was taken, but the car wasn't. It stayed exactly where he'd parked it.

It seems quite fitting to think that this 1100 is slowly dieing with nature. On the other hand, what a waste! That Webasto sunroof looks like it used to cover most of the roof! It's just a shame that someone didn't remove the car while it was in more of a fit state!

21st August 2004

It was weekday, we had gone over to try and get some paint mixed for BONK. We went over Stubbing Court, and out towards Wingerworth. When we turned the corner we always comment on particular farm, it's a dump! Usually overgrown, the farmhouse is well dilapidated to say the least! Something caught our eye, finished in a Mustard Colour. I drove past slowly and then it hit me. It was in fact a Magenta kit car on breezeblocks. We aren't sure quite how long it's been there, and there was nobody around to ask.

There is no number plate on the vehicle either! Things are never easy!

20th December 2004

Keith Hallock is currently on the look out for an ADO16. On his quest, he noticed a Mk3 Vanden Plas Princess 1300 sat in a front garden. Looking somewhat unloved it has to be said!

Who knows what I'll find next? If you've spotted something, please drop me an email, as it's interesting to see what people find.

22nd July 2006

Saturday afternoon saw us a little cheesed off with the weather. It had been a particularly overcast day. I wanted something to do, and needed to buy some bits and pieces. So I agreed to take my Mum to a local shopping centre, Peak Village. We set off from home, and our route takes us onto the B5057 (Darley Road). We went past the Red Lion pub, and all of a sudden Mum went "Whoa, it is!" to which I panicked, what had I hit? Eventually after much encouraging I managed to get her to tell me she'd spotted an ADO16 of some sort parked in a field. From whichever angle I looked I couldn't see it. On the way back Mum managed to get another look and confirmed it was a Red ADO16. I said I'd go up with my camera and get some pictures of the vehicle (even if it meant walking over a field or two to get a decent shot!).

Sunday had rolled around, and I found myself bored and deadly interested in finding out more about the mysterious ADO16 that has suddenly appeared in the middle of nowhere! So I found myself retracing my steps. Today I was lucky and managed to park up.

As seen from the side of the road. The Commer camper van gave the ADO16 away. By this point it's clear it's a Mk1 Morris, in a sorry state!

After surveying the scene from a distance, that picture was taken using the 12x optical zoom on my camera, I discovered that there was a track that appeared to run down the back of the vehicles. So set off on foot along the road a little until I could find the track. Thankfully no trespassing required as it was marked as a Public Footpath - Bingo! So I walked down, and there it was... a 1965 Morris 1100 Automatic, last on the road in 1991. Such a shame!

1st August 2006

Keith Hallock recently spotted this decaying ADO16 in Bexleyheath, Kent. It certainly looks like it's been stood decaying in it's present location for some time. Does anyone have any more information about this vehicle?

There is an Austin 1100/1300 hiding at the very top of this drive, honest!...

...And here it is! Looking somewhat sorry for itself.

Do you think it's been parked here for a little while?

Note quite sure what's parked bumper to bumper with the car, can anyone identify?

With tyres as flat as that, and sills that are virtually only there in spirit I don't think this car will be soaking up too many more bumps!


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