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The Morris and Austin are both vehicles which are relatively easy to tune, and the reason for this is because it uses the A Series engine, and Mini's were always being tuned for rallying. Therefore it was a dead cert that companies would be offering the same for humble ADO16.

Speedwell offered many conversion, they offered a basic kit for the 1100, and they also did a top of the range "1300 GT kit". One of the first steps of this conversion was to increase acceleration. This was obtained by fitting another SU carburettor. Meaning that there would be twin SU carburettors. This would, however, give disappointing results to performance unless two other obstacles could be overcome. Valve springs which are deliberately made weak in order to eliminate over-revving by unskilled drivers, had to be replaced by stronger or double springs to make better use of this extra power. The exhaust system also had to be replaced with one that allows a greater air flow. This kit was called the Sport kit, and contained every item required to enable the conversion to take place. Acceleration would be vastly increased from the standard 0-50 in 23 seconds, now 0-50 could be achieved in 19 seconds.

The Clubman head fitted with twin H4 carburettors. The top speed achievable from this set up was 93 m.p.h.

If that wasn't enough, Speedwell also turned its attention to the Cylinder head. Speedwell advised of fitting a head cast in a light alloy. This would allow higher compressions of around 11:1. Named "Clubman" by Speedwell it also contained specially contoured combustion chambers which allowed maximum flow and had extra large valves and double valve springs fitted. Speedwell carried out investigations on which carburettor is best suited to this set-up. The conclusion was the twin H4's gave the extra power, incorporating twin chokes (allowing easier starting) and a twin-pipe exhaust system would boost the top speed to 93m.p.h.

Speedwell offered yet more performance by fitting the "Big bore" 1182cc conversion. The attraction with this system was that it allowed a much larger gear ratio and still have the best acceleration. Thus the engine of a Speedwell Austin 1182 turns over at 5,500 r.p.m at 90m.p.h which is a superb cruising speed for the size of the engine. 0-60 is achievable in 13 seconds.

Speedwell advised customers that if they were planning on modifying their cars, then the addition of an oil cooler would cut down on expensive repair bills, and keep performance at a high when carrying out prolonged motorway driving. The small radiator units fits behind the grille, and is connected into the oil system. As air rushes through the grille it naturally cools the oil down. Oil, water and Rev counters were all available at extra cost.


So, what was the cost?





Sport Kit



GT Kit with Alloy head



GT Kit for MG 1100



Clubman Kit with Alloy head



H4 Carburettor set



High Lift Rockers



Tubular Manifold



Alloy Cylinder Head



Oil Cooler



Electronic Rev. Counter



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