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When asked to think of Spanish production, many people will think of the Austin Victoria. However there is more to the story. Not only did they build special bodied ADO16 varieties they also built standard bodied ADO16's with a twist. Red below and all we become clear.

Authi (Automoviles de Turismo Hispano Ingleses) was set up in 1965 at Pamplona, but production didn't start until 1969. The company then produced the standard bodied versions of the Morris 1100/1300, Austin 1100/1300 and MG 1100/1300. Up until then BMC hadn't really catered the market for the Spain, and these models were eagerly awaited in the a market that at the time was dominated by Simca, Renault, and Fiat.

In October 1972 Authi launched their own version of the ADO 16, the Victoria. This would replace the standard bodied ADO 16. Authi had opened their eyes to what other parts of the group were doing, for example in Australia we had the 1500, a larger (Maxi) styled 1100. Authi decided that their new model would follow the same designs as the Austin Apache, which was available in South Africa. It has to be said that people did confuse this body with that used by Triumph for their 1500 series.

The Austin Victoria. The Austin version of the Triumph? When viewed from the side, looking very similar to the Austin Apache.

I'm sure I've seen this boot lid on a Triumph?

Two versions of the body were produced, the Austin Victoria, and the MG Victoria. Unfortunately the MG Victoria didn't get any further than the Barcelona Motor Show. People blame the high price tag.

In 1968 when the Mk2 versions were launched in the UK the MG 1300 was available as a short time as a four door model (from September 1967 - March 1968)and the 2-door. In 1968, Authi launched the MG 1300 4-door. Like Authi's other models it appears that ideas have been taken from other models produced at the time, such as using the same styling for the back seat that was used in Innocenti models.

Seeing the MG 1300 as a four door seems somewhat strange at first, but it makes you wonder, why didn't they continue to produce it in the UK?

Not family designed? Seating taken from the Innocenti IM3. Perhaps built for luxury and not as a people carrier?

Around 1974, just as the plug was about to be pulled on the ADO16 in the UK, Authi launched a new version of the standard bodied car. However, it was only 998cc. It was said that although revving it slightly more was required it out performed the standard 1098cc engines. The car was simply named "Austin de Luxe"

A year after the de Luxe was launched it was scrapped along too with Authi operations.

Red Austin badge indicates that this isn't your standard ADO16. The other factor that gives it away? Apart from the deck chair style seats?

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Haven't I seen the Austin Victoria somewhere else?


Good spot! You've probably seen the Austin Victoria in a few other guises.

The Austin Apache, that was produced for the South African market, shares a similar body shell to that of the Austin Victoria.

The Triumph 1500 is where the idea came from. Take out the Triumph cabin, and slide in your ADO16 you've got yourself a replica - just about!


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