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  2004 respray


Finally, K-C is finished, painted and pretty much complete. However, it hasn't always been that way!

It was only a month until The 1100 Club national rally. I had been promised that the car would be painted in time for the previous years national rally (2003). For one reason and another it got put aside. I was determined to finally have the car repainted in time for this years national.

A date was finally agreed so we started stripping K-C ready to go to RPM Workshops. We removed all the bright work in preparation for a flying start on the Monday morning.

We did put the wheel back on!

No boot badge! Looking a tad naked so to speak.

The car was taken up to RPM on the Sunday, and by Monday morning when we arrived, the glass had been taken off, the bumpers and lights removed and a fair amount of "removable" panelling had been taken off. There were even signs of repairs that had already been primed waiting for colour.

This picture was taken quite late on in the day. You'll notice if you look closely at the top the roof is being painted at that moment.

Ok, so I lied, maybe not all the "removable" panelling was off! Starting to take shape.

Tuesday morning saw the start of a fresh day, and time for finishing off the doors and getting the front end painted. You may recall that we'd given the front end a "base" coat in 2003 which proved to only need a light rubbing down in order for the new paint to bond.

It looks like I'm going have a lot of cleaning to do when I get K-C home!

We did have a few problems with paint reacting. It's funny because we had the same problem 4 years ago when K-C was originally repainted. However it was concentrated mostly around the front of the car.

Also know in the trade, as old ladies hands! Not 100% certain why.

Problem solved, right back to bare metal to remove the wrinkles! While that cost was drying Roy turned his attention to polishing. I didn't realise that it was such a hard task! Luckily Roy had a buffer to help him out.

Buffing ready to fit up the front end!

Making a start! Side lights in place actually the orange and the blue work well together. Also the first new door goes in place (shown on the left).

What a finish! You can see the row of ADO16s outside the workshop.

At home, now the cleaning starts! The interior needed a full shampoo, and engine bay required a clean and general tidy up.

A completed K-C and one happy owner. Now fitted with over-riders.


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