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  Weekly checks


Carry out these checks out if you plan to use 1100 often, covering over 250 miles per week:

1. Remove the dipstick and check the engine/transmission unit oil level which should ideally be up to the "Max" mark. Top-up the oil with a 20-50w brand. On no account allow the oil to fall below the "Min" mark. The distance between the "Min" & "Max" marks is roughly 2 pints (1.14 litres)

2. Check the tyre pressures and add more air if required. Also check the tyre wall and treads for any signs of damage. Tyre depth must have a least 1.6mm of tread across the central three quarters of the breadth of the tread and in a continuous band around the circumference.

3. Check the battery electrolyte level and top-up as necessary with distilled water. Make sure the top of the battery is kept clean and free of moisture.

4. Refill the windscreen washer bottle with water, mixed with some clean screen. This should ideally contain a degreaser, and antifreeze (do not use ordinary antifreeze). Check that the jets operate correctly.

5. Remove the hubcaps and check wheel nuts for tightness. These should be tight, but not over tight.


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