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  6,000 mile service


Complete the service items in the 3000 mile service check plus:

1. Remove the SU carburettor suction chamber and piston; clean, reassemble and top-up the piston dampers with Castrol GTX.

2. Remove the oil filter, wash the bowl in petrol, and fit a new element and rubber seal. Refill the sump and filter with Castrol GTX.

3. Check the condition of the heater and cooling system hoses and replace as necessary.*

4. Lubricate with engine oil the pivot point of the brake and clutch pedal shafts.*

5. Check the fuel lines and the union joints for leaks and replace defective parts as necessary.*

6. Remove and clean the filters in the carburettor/s and fuel pump where these are fitted.

7. Check and adjust the valve rocker clearances.

8. Remove the distributor cap, pull off the rotor arm and apply three drops of engine oil to the head of the large screw in the centre of the distributor.

9. Allow three drops of oil past the cam to the automatic timing mechanism.

10. Lubricate the four-sided cam by smearing a faint trace of grease over it.

11. Apply a tiny spot of oil to the moving contact breaker pivot pin. Any excess might get on the points and cause misfiring.

12. Check the condition of the contact breaker points. Clean and regap them, and if necessary fit a new set and check the timing and advance and retard mechanism.

13. Adjust the carburettor slow running and tune if necessary.*

14. Examine the exhaust system for holes and leaks and replace defective components as necessary.*

15. Wax polish the body and also the chromium plating. Force wax polish into any joints in the bodywork to help prevent rust formation.*

16. Balance the front wheels to eliminate steering vibration as necessary.*

17. Check and adjust the steering 'toe-in' of the front wheels.

18. Check the suspension nuts, and the steering nuts for tight-ness.

19. If wished, change over the tyres to equalise wear (not re-commended for fabric belted radials) and inspect the walls for damage.*

20. Lubricate the washer round the wheelbase spindle with several drops of glycerine.

The additional tasks are indicated by an asterisk (*) and are primarily of a preventative nature, in that they will assist in eliminating the unexpected failure of a component due to fair wear and tear.


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