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  3,000 mile service


Complete the items covered in the weekly check plus the following:

1. Where the car is used for much town-work involving much stop/start driving; in very cold conditions; and in hot dusty conditions; run the engine until it has reached its normal working temperature. Then drain the oil from the sump/gearbox casing and wipe the magnetic drain plug clean. Refill with the correct amount of Castrol GTX.

2. Jack up the front of the car. Fill a grease gun with Castrol LM Grease or a similar multi-purpose grease and thoroughly lubricate the steering swivel knuckle joints. There are two grease nipples, one upper and one lower on each side (total 4).

3. Unscrew the tops of the carburettor/s dashpots and top up with Castrol GTX.

4. Check the level of the hydraulic fluid in the clutch and brake master cylinder reservoir and top-up if the level has fallen to 1/4 in. (6.5 mm), or more, below the bottom of the filler neck, with Castrol Girling Universal Brake and Clutch Fluid.

5. Check the steering column clamp bolt for tightness.

6. Adjust the rear brakes, and on the front disc brakes inspect the friction pads for wear. Check the hoses and pipes for loose joints, or leaks or wear caused by the suspension or tyres rubbing against the flexible piping.*

7. Carefully inspect the rubber boots over the CV joints for splits or tears and renew as necessary.*

8. Wash the bodywork and chromium fittings and clean out the interior.*

9. Remove the spark plugs, clean them and adjust the electrode gaps.

10. Check that all the lights are functioning correctly and replace blown bulbs as necessary.*

11. Lubricate with engine oil and door hinges, bonnet lock operating mechanism, and the safety catch.

12. Lubricate the boot catch and hinges with engine oil.

13. Check the battery cell specific gravity readings, and clean the terminals.

14. Lubricate the dynamo rear bearing. (Note: If wished this task need only be performed once every 6,000 miles (10,000 km) but once every 3,000 miles (5,000 km) is to be preferred).

15. Examine the fan belt and adjust as necessary.

16. Check the clearance at the clutch return stop and adjust as necessary.

17. Lubricate the carburettor controls.

18. Check underbody for rust. If necessary clean off, and protect using a wax based seal.

The additional tasks are indicated by an asterisk (*) and are primarily of a preventative nature, in that they will assist in eliminating the unexpected failure of a component due to fair wear and tear.


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