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  24,000 mile service


Complete the service items in the 6000 & 12000 mile service check plus:

1. Check and adjust any loose play in the rack and pinion steering gear.*

2. Examine the ball joints and hub bearings for wear and replace as necessary.*

3. Examine the inner 'rubber' universal joints for wear and renew as necessary.*

4. Check the tightness of the battery earth lead on the body-work.*

5. Renew the condenser in the distributor.*

6. Remove the starter motor, examine the brushes, and replace as necessary, and clean the commutator and starter drive.

7. Test the cylinder compressions, and if necessary remove the cylinder head, decarbonise, grind the valve and fit new valve springs.*

8. Drain the brake fluid from the hydraulic system. Renew all the rubber seals and flexible hoses. Examine the brake pistons and their bores for scratches and renew as necessary. Refill the system and bleed the brakes.

The additional tasks are indicated by an asterisk (*) and are primarily of a preventative nature, in that they will assist in eliminating the unexpected failure of a component due to fair wear and tear.


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