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  12,000 mile service


Complete the service items in the 6000 mile service check plus:

1. Remove the carburettor float chamber, empty any sediment present, check the condition of the needle valve, clean and refit.

2. Separate the speedometer cable at the union behind the engine. Withdraw the lower inner cable. Disconnect the upper section at the speedometer head and withdraw the upper inner cable. Lightly lubricate the inner cables with Castrol LM grease or similar. Wipe excess grease from the top 6 inches of the top cable so that none gets into the speedometer head, then refit the inner cables and reconnect the two outer halves.

3. Steam clean the underside of the body and clean the engine and engine compartment.*

4. Remove the spark plugs, and fit new ones, correctly gapped.

5. Inspect the ignition leads for cranks and perishing or damage and replace as necessary.*

6. Remove the brake drums, blow out the dust, and inspect the linings for wear.*

7. Examine the dynamo brushes, replace them if worn, and clean the commutator.

8. Renew the windscreen wiper blades.*

9. Check the headlamp bulbs and renew them if slightly blackened or if the element sags.

10. On later models fitted with a crankcase closed circuit breather system, change the engine oil filler cap and clean the crankcase breather valve. All the metal parts can be washed in petrol. The diaphragm should be cleaned with detergent or methylated spirits.

11. Grease the one nipple on the gear change linkage with Castrol LM Grease or similar. The nipple is very inaccessible being between the bulkhead and engine and really requires a flexible hose. On no account give more than two strokes with the grease gun.

12. Lubricate the water pump. To do this unscrew the plug just behind the pulley wheel and grease sparingly with Castrol LM Grease. Replace the plug. If the pump squeaks a few tea-spoonfuls of hydraulic fluid in the cooling system will silence the carbon sealing ring.

13. Take out the air cleaner element by unscrewing the wing nut/s on top of the cleaner, and removing the cover and cleaner element. Clean out the inside of the air cleaner and fit a new cleaner element. Replace the cover and wing nut(s).

The additional tasks are indicated by an asterisk (*) and are primarily of a preventative nature, in that they will assist in eliminating the unexpected failure of a component due to fair wear and tear.


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