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  Remove your subframes




Socket set
A/f spanners (various)
Suitable Planks of wood to put under subframe
4 axle stands or various blocks of wood
Some suitable means to remove engine and gearbox
A Hydrolastic suspension pump, or foot pump tyre valve and pipe




Depressurise Suspension. If you don't have access to a Hydrolastic pump, you can use a foot pump tyre valve and pipe. If you use this method you will need to drain the fluid into a suitable container.

Jack up car to a height that allows the front or rear subframe to be slid out from underneath it.

Support car on axle stands or blocks of wood (making sure car is stable).


Front subframe


1. Remove battery and drain cooling system.
2. Remove radiator, remove exhaust system, various engine components can be removed as     desired.
3. Undo front and rear engine mountings, and with suitable engine removal equipment lift out engine     and box.
4. Undo Hydrolastic fluid pipes.
5. Place jack with suitable piece of wood under subframe, raise jack to just lift the car.
6. Undo front and rear subframe mountings, road wheels, and steering rack ball joints. Lower     subframe with jack until it is clear of bodywork.
7. Remove the subframe to where required to carry out work or replace with another one.


Rear subframe


1.   Jack up car and support as for front subframe.
2.   Remove exhaust system, rear road wheels.
3.   Open boot remove false boot floor and remove two large rectangular shaped grommets. Undo       Hydrolastic pipe couplings.
4.   Inside car, release handbrake cables, and cover plate on the floor. Push cables to under side of       car.
5.   Remove bottom of back seat, and four rubber grommets (found under seat).
6.   Underneath car support rear subframe with suitable piece of wood and jack.
7.   Undo main brake flexible hose and block off to stop fluid running all over the floor.
8.   Release brake cables from brackets on car bodywork.
9.   Undo rear subframe mounting bolts.
10. Undo four upper front subframe mounting bolts inside car, and also two front lower subframe       mounting bolts in heelboard.
11. Subframe should now be lowered carefully until clear of bodywork.


 :: Warning!

If you don't have access to a proper Hydrolastic suspension pump you can use the flexible pipe and connector from any standard foot pump. However, please do be careful and ensure that you use a suitable container to catch the fluid.


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