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New "iBranding" goes live!


It's a little over two years ago that made it's first move onto the mobile platform. Since then, visits by mobile users have increased steadily, as more and more people own these devices. We took a look at our existing "iBranding" and felt it was not as powerful and recognisable as it could be. has used it's current "Innocenti front 3/4" icon since 2004, and as technology has changed the logo has been adapted to suit a number of uses; primarily as a icon that sits alongside the web address, and as an icon to display on your mobile device. It is important to note, perhaps, that when the logo was originally designed back in 2004 it was never intended to be used in the manner in which it has.

Before making any changes to our identity, it was important to see what other logos had that didn't, and how we could look to move the site forward. When considering designs we didn't need to look far to get our inspiration. Just take a look at your computer desktop - how many of the icons are instantly recognisable by their simple form? If it's like mine, I can name which company sits behind each and every one of them... Sad, or clever branding?

Our new logo will begin to emerge across the website, and on all mobile devices with effect from Saturday 29 September 2012, and you can have a sneak preview right now - as it's shown here on the right. Click the image to view some of our previous designs.

Whilst the site continues to attract a strong following of 1100/1300 fans our increase in other "Group" products has brought with it additional visitors - so keeping our affiliation to the 1100 range is very important at this time. There is no other website on the internet that contains as much information on this sole topic as us.

To ensure you have the latest logo on your mobile devices, we recommend that you remove your existing bookmark and add this new one to your home screen today!

We hope that you like our new logo, and we're always open to your feedback. Feel free to leave your comments below, or alternatively contact us using the link in the "Got any comments?" section.



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