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Ranger Kit Car

The Ranger kit car, as many others, was designed to breath new life into a seemingly tired looking ADO16. EJS Products of Essex (headed at the time by Eric Salmon) thought that there must be a way to spend a small sum to rebuild the owners confidence in their tired looking car, whilst at the same time making it easier to maintain.

With that in mind, the car had to more durable than its predecessor - this meant a new chassis, and coachwork to match. Eric contacted his good friend Joe Gallo, with a brief of his vision.

Over the next few months Joe began working on a prototype vehicle. Working with Eric, the replacement chassis was welded together using the most up to date inert gas welding techniques. The whole chassis was then painted using an electrostatic painting process which guaranteed maximum coverage on both the inside and outside of the tubes - which would be a vast improvement over the original protection as standard from the factory.

The coachwork certainly complemented it's underpinnings as the body panels were made using a marine quality resin to provide high rigidity coupled with maximum impact damage resistance. The body colours were applied during the moulding stage, allowing a high gloss finish that would require very little maintenance.

Ranger number 1, and the prototype is shown on the left, finished in Yellow Maize.

Although somewhat resembling the finished article, a number of features have yet to be applied.

Over the course of the next few months the project was completed, and the Ranger 1100/1300 kit was ready to be manufactured and sold.

Not only had Eric & Joe created a light weight, well built Kit Car - they have succeeded in recycling most of the parts from the original 11/1300 donor car. Publicity material boasted that you could sell your doors, bumpers, grille, bonnet and boot lid - I guess this very much depended on the condition of these items, and whether you could undo the appropriate bolts to remove them (i.e. Bumpers!!).

Ranger number 1 proudly sits with Mrs Gallo on the bonnet. Mrs Gallo features on one of the pictures in the brochure for Ranger being driven around a factory estate in Enfield.

Aside from the 11/1300 Ranger based Kit Car there was also a Mini based threewheeler name the "cub". The make-up exactly as the 11/1300 kit, but in my opinion no where near as nicely executed.


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With special thanks to Vince Gallo for providing the photos to illustrate this story, along with the Ranger, and cub brochure scans.


By Michael Turner



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