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In the late 1960's you couldn't walk down the street without seeing an 1100 in some form or another, therefore it seemed an appropriate choice for it to be adopted for many other uses. The police force were among the crowd who used 1100's out on the beat. Usually seen in two door guise, although some forces used 4 door versions.

Usually the police force would purchase the De Luxe 2 door car, and send it away to be fitted up. While away it would have radio equipment fitted in the front of the car, the De Luxe dashboard lends itself to having extra items fitted, as it was just the single speedometer mounted centrally. A rail would be fitted in the rear so that the prisoner could be hand cuffed to it. Also the police light box would be fitted to the roof along with the siren and flashing lights.

Where 1100 police cars were born. I am informed that this particular image was taken at Cowley where 1100 police cars were prepared for duty. As you can see in the background, there's a large batch for this chap to get through. Thanks to Declan Berridge for this image.

Ouch - that 1100 didn't last long! This particular vehicle was involved in a high speed accident, where it clipped the kerb and turned it over.

PGW 834L - The last panda car that was in service with the Metropolitan Police service. Picture taken by Declan Berridge at the 2002 Uxbridge Auto show. (Strange how the car has an Austin grille fitted but also has Morris hubcaps?)

PGW 834L makes regular TV appearances, perhaps the most recent was in the BBC television programme Crimewatch, where they were recreating a crime committed in the late 1970's.


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