Meet our ADO16s


Our family has always had a soft spot for the 11/1300 in many a guise. The past two decades have seen us with many a vehicle adorning the carport/garage. 2008 saw an end to that. See our journey from owning many, to none.


Previously owned:

 .: BON 835K

Bought as an addition to the family in June 2003. BON 835K is a very sound Mk3 Austin 1300 Countryman. Fitted with the automatic gearbox, and bed option. Also known, as BONK.

Owned: 2003 - 2008

 .: SKC 510G

SKC 510G was purchased as a replacement for out Mk1 Morris 1100, which we sold as a third party had a financial interest in the car. Originally bought as a project car and with the intention of selling afterwards, however, KC stayed with us for eight memorable years.

Owned: 2000 - 2008

 .: MXC 222H

The longest serving car in the family. MXC is an Austin 1300 GT finished in Flame Red. After a starring role in the February 2006 edition of Practical Classics the car helped generate some interest in the range again. Finally the 25th May 2006 saw the sale of our longest serving ADO16.

Owned: 1997 - 2006

 .: SRB 420F

SRB was the first ADO16 we carried out major restoration too. Originally it was agreed we would carry out the work to get the car through an M.O.T. and then we would sell the car, as a third party had a financial interest in it. It took a while for this to happen and I became quite attached to it...

Owned: 1998 - 1999

 .: HUV 390K

What a sad tale, an ADO16 with a pile of history, bills and publication material. Unfortunately the quality of repairs carried out were a little hit and miss to say the least. The tin worm killed this car, with help from us. However it still lives on in memory.

Survived: 1972 - 1999

 .: GHT 397K

The Vanden Plas 1300 replaced XWB, it certainly was a higher class of motoring than the basic Morris 1100. It did cost a pair of sills and structural work shortly before it's sale.

Owned: 1992 - 1997

 .: XWB 157G

Not one of the tidiest ADO16s we owned, but after a small out of tidying work the car soon became very presentable again.

Owned: 1990 - 1992

 .: NWE 655K

One of the last Mk2 estates to roll through the once mighty BMC gates. Purchased second hand in 1976, from a small car sales lot in a village called Eckington. On another note, the small lot is now the largest new car franchise in Chesterfield, Autoworld.

Owned: 1976 - 1977

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