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Roewe press photographs


When launching a new motoring brand it's important you show your cars in the best way possible. By the time SAIC came to launch the "copy" brand Roewe, I think they'd achieved what so many British icons had failed to...

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 Make & Model


Reg No


8B9W1385 Roewe 750 launch 2007 n/a CHN
8B9W1554 Roewe 750 launch 2007 n/a CHN
Roewe_750_01 Roewe 750 underside 2007 n/a CHN
Roewe_750_03 Roewe 750 tyre splash 2007 n/a CHN
Roewe_750_04 Roewe 750 2007 ROEWE CHN
Roewe_750_06 Roewe 750 interior 2007 n/a CHN
Roewe_750_07 Roewe 750E side view 2007 n/a CHN
Roewe_750_08 Roewe 750 front 3/4 2007 ROEWE CHN
Roewe_750_09 Roewe 750E front view 2007 ROEWE CHN
Roewe_750_10 Roewe 750 power unit 2007 n/a CHN
w2_concept_01 W2 bright silver - front 2007 n/a CHN
w2_concept_02 W2 bright silver - rear 2007 n/a CHN
w2_concept_03 W2 interior 2007 n/a CHN
w2_concept_04 W2 speedometer 2007 n/a CHN


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