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I think it's acceptable to say that by the time we reached the Phoenix fours era at MG-Rover we'd finally got the hang of creating a decent brochure!

I am, however, slightly concerned that we'd found an unused stock of BL 70's style seat fabric in one of the Longbridge tunnels...

Key to symbols:

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Pub No.  

Brochure title


Reg No.

5794 Rover 45 2001 n/a UK
5977 MG Express 2003 MG Express UK
6143 The New Rover 75 Specifications 2004 ROVER UK
6144 The New Rover 75 2004 ROVER UK
6194 The New Rover 45 2004 ROVER UK
6195 The new Rover 25 2004 ROVER UK
6209 The New Rover 75 Limousine 2004 ROVER UK
6277 MG The new ZS: New, Bold, Confident 2004 108 VVV UK
6345 The 2005 Streetwise by Rover 2005 VVV 101 UK
AKM738 Rover 75 Tourer Accessories July 2001 ROVER UK
AKM800 MG Approved Accessories 2002 MG UK
AKM818 Rover 25 & Rover 45 Accessories 2005 n/a UK


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