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Compiling these brochures got me wanting a Metro, again! The Metro was heralded as a modern Mini, and considering some of the optional extras that were available, it certainly made the Metro stand out from the crowd.

If only some of those options had become standard equipment...

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Pub No.  

Brochure title


Reg No.

3466/B Austin Metro n/a METRO UK
3477 Austin Metro: A British car to beat the world n/a METRO UK
3519 Austin Metro 1.3 Automatic n/a METRO UK
EO 132 Metro Vanden Plas n/a Vanden Plas NL
n/a May is Metro Month n/a MG 1300 UK
n/a Metro: Ein Kompakter Mit Charakter n/a n/a D
EO 423 Make it Metro n/a METRO UK
n/a Accessories: Something extra from Unipart n/a UNIPART UK
Merch 840375 Austin Metro n/a METRO UK
n/a Move over or move out of the way n/a MG TURBO UK
n/a The making of the award-winning Austin Metro. n/a METRO UK
n/a The Who? What? and Where? of Kleber Tyres. n/a METRO UK


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