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Austin-Rover press photographs


These photos were produced for publications to use in any feature they were planning to run. As I'm sure you'll agree, in each and everyone of these photos the cars are shown in idyllic surroundings.

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Neg No.


 Make & Model


Reg No


n/a BL Technology's energy conservation vehicle 22 Dec 82 n/a UK
316798 Morris Ital SLX 1983 3WFC 889Y UK
317203 Austin Ambassador 1.7 L 1983 WFC 866Y UK
n/a Computer age instruments on the Vanden Plas and the sporty MG... 1983 n/a UK
318579 Maestro's Electronic Instrumentation 1 Mar 83 n/a UK
318611 The MG Maestro 1600 1 Mar 83 DBW 141Y UK
18600/2 Austin Montego Vanden Plas EFi 26 Feb 85 n/a UK
324776 One of the 1985 Wimbledon official courtesy cars... 1985 B107 RVC UK
n/a MG Maestro Sep 1985 NE-AR 85 DE
n/a MG Maestro Sep 1985 NE-AR 928 DE
n/a MG Montego Turbo 2000 1985(?) Montego DE
n/a MG Montego 2.0 EFi 1985 (?) n/a DE
324950 Montego 2.0 Vanden Plas EFi saloon and estate 1986 C111 AYX
C110 AYX
328794 1987 Montego 1.6L Duotone 1987 D826 LJO UK


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