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Well, it wouldn't be right if we didn't cover off some of the other products made under the Austin > Rover brands. Here you'll find that other information. Over time it is hoped that this section will become much larger!

 .: Austin-Rover press photographs

Wimbledon courtesy cars? You heard me right!

 .: Metro brochures

Fancy a Metro? Take a look at some of the exciting models you can choose from...

 .: Metro colour charts

Whether it's hearing aid beige or red, you'll find your perfect colour here...

 .: Metro dashboard layouts

Despite the metro being in production for 18 years, we really only had two dashboard styles to choose from.

 .: Metro press photographs

Press pictures were a great way for Austin-Rover to show off their cars in the best way possible, right? Well they should have been.

If you look carefully at some of the pictures included in this section see if you can spot some minor things that really let some of the photos down.

 .: Metro price list

Ever wondered what your car cost new?

 .: Metro weights

Just in case you're planning to tow anything...

 .: MG Motors Brochures

A lot like Marmite...

 .: MG-Rover brochures

Finally, some good brochures?

 .: MG-Rover press photographs

Like the brochures above, MG-Rover made sure their cars were perfect for their close up!

 .: MG-Rover price lists

Ever wondered what your car cost new? Or how much those optional extras were...

 .: Mini press photographs

The revolution on wheels that should have been a whole lot better.

 .: Previously owned: DNO 880X

Some may say crazy, others may say loyal.

You decide...

 .: Roewe press photographs

SAIC finally did what British icons had always dreamed of doing...

 .: Rover 75 colour charts

From common colours to some rarer breeds, the Rover 75 was not afraid to wear them all...

 .: Rover 75 production figures

These figures paint a bleak picture of the decline of British car industry.

 .: Rover group press photographs

Rover Group had certainly learnt from the mistakes of earlier years, but what's with some of the odd expressions on the faces of the people posing?


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