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News, Reviews & Blogs is a community for everyone to be a part of. From time to time, the author likes to vent his spleen. Here you'll find news affecting the community, reviews of products (including vehicles), and Blogs.

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 .: has struck motoring gold!

Our panel project has taken a new turn... read more here!

 .: - Proud to be different, proud to be supporting pride! has always done things differently, and during 2017 we're proud to be supporting our LGBTQ members!

 .: Panel manufacture - update has an exciting update on this project...

 .: Panel manufacture

We've been presented with a fantastic, once in a lifetime opportunity!

 .: NEC restoration show 2017

We're proud to be attending our first large event, the 2017 NEC restoration show!

 .: 2016 review

It's that time of the year again...

 .: Change... is changing... find out more here...

 .: NEC news 2016

The 1100 Club stand at the NEC classic car show promises to be something special...

 .: Caveat emptor

Buying and selling on-line has never been so easy, but what if you choose to trade on a site with no protection?

 .: 2014 - the year we just had...

Reflecting on's most successful year.

 .: A simple task?

Changing a light bulb...

... what could go wrong?

 .: MG frustrations

2013 promises to be a great year for MG...

... is that going to mean I start seeing a few more?

 .: MG6 goes on sale on ebay

A piece of history goes up for sale on ebay...

... with an inflated price tag!

 .: New "iBranding" goes live!

Our previous logo had been with us for over eight years...

... it was time to bring us up to date, with a fresh simple logo.

 .: The last days of a CityRover

A recent trip to my local scrapyard turned up more than the parts I was requiring.

Find out why I wasn't upset to see the back of this particular Rover...

 .: Driven - MG6

In February 2012 was lucky enough to borrow an MG 6 Magnette.

Find out what we had to say here...

 .: 2005 - a look back

Probably the most poignant moment of 2005 was when it was announced that MG-Rover had gone into administration, and for the time being there would be no production at Longbridge.

There is a review of site changes and community activities.

 .: Five years of ADO16 information

In November 2004 celebrated it's 5th birthday. It doesn't seem like 5 minutes since the site was first launched.

A chance to have a look at the story so far, and see some of the miserable first attempts made to get a half decent site...

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