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Mystique likes a car with a mystery surrounding it. The mystique fits the bill very well...

The Mystique was produced by Creech Motors of Weymouth Road, Evercreech, Somerset. Creech Motors was a British Leyland garage in the 1960's and was owned by Gerald Fry who, was able to give very reliable and valuable information to build this story.

My Fry was approached by a customer who requested a 1300 with folding rear seats so that longer loads could be carried in the boot. The conversion included the re-jigging of the rear end to included an MGB tailgate and relocating of the fuel filler neck - at least on one car. It is believed that no changes were made to the hydrolastic suspension system.

There was one version produced with modified front wings and rectangular headlights, which is the car used in the "official" Creech Motors photos.

Only seven vehicles were commissioned of various marques including one MG. In 1996 we understand that there may have been one sole survivor in Somerset, but we suspect this car has not survived the ravages of time.

This photo is of the first prototype, which was later sold to a customer. The MGB tailgate is clear to see, along with the repositioned fuel filler neck. Although not easy to see, it appears that the front has a slightly different shape along the top of the wings suggesting that this is the car with the square headlights.

An advert of the time gave this brief description: "The Mystique is based on the popular British Leyland Austin 1300 saloon. It's main feature is that of an opening read door in order to give it an Estate appeal, with a drop-down rear seat. When the door is shut it gives the car a true fastback effect. The 'front end' treatment consists of square headlights and flat top wings for that 'different look'. The interior extras comprise of a driver and passenger rally seats, centre console, arm console and rally steering wheel. Engine tuning can also be carried out if more power is required. Can be used as a sporty saloon or as an Estate with 5 doors."

For a long time that was where the story ended... In 2015, the original page was refreshed and opened up the story to a whole new audience. was contacted by Howard Stark who advised that his brother-in-law had owned a Mystique, and would try to track down some photos for us. Shortly after, Howard very kindly supplied with the following photographs:

The back window certainly looks different than usual, is it the angle of photo... or is this the only MG Mystique produced? will always try to get the answers to a mystery, but sometimes the trail goes cold. Unfortunately, despite speaking to a number of parties in the background, we were unable to locate any more information at the time.

We never give up hope, and in 2016 we were contacted by David Milns, who advised that his father had owned an MG 1300 three-door Mystique - could this be the same car owned by Howard's brother-in-law? With new information and an excited webmaster, contact was made with David who was able to give some fantastic first hand owner information and a selection of new photographs.

David was on holiday staying with an Aunt and Uncle in Evercreech, and first spotted this modification on a pale blue car and took a couple of photographs should he could show his Father.

It's clear from the photographs of the pale blue car that this was used in Creech Motors advertising. The fuel filler neck is shown in a different place than seen on other cars. If the car is indeed a "B" registration, then the MK1 rear quarter panels have also been changed for the later chopped fins. The front wings also show appear to show a different rake to them, leading us to believe that this vehicle was also the one with the modified front.

As a result of David's spot, his Father placed an order with Creech Motors. At the time, David's father was employed by Midland Bank. Midland's policy at the time was change cars every 3 years, and David believes that the MG was part exchanged for an Austin Maxi in about 1974.

Apparently the Mystique was loved within the family, and David spent many happy hours driving it!

Welcome to Mystique...

BMC certainly missed a trick here! would like to thank Howard Stark and David Milns for supplying us with some excellent Mystique photos.


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