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This car was supplied by Solihull motors on the 7th of April, 1970 to Box Cartons of Birmingham for the use of the owner’s wife, Mrs. Cattell.

Mrs. Cattell became ill and unable to drive but Mr. John Patrick Joy who was a friend of the family took Mrs. Cattell out in the car to keep it running. When Mrs. Cattell died he continued to look after the car but only covered approximately ninety miles in the following three years.

Mr. Cattell died in 1989 and left the car to Mr. J P Joy who ran it for a few months but because of suspension problems he sold the car to his brother, Mr. T A Joy who was serving in the R.A.F. and posted in Cyprus. The car was sold to John Graham Adair, a motor dealer of Newhaven on 03/04/91.

The car was seen by Mr. W Woodley of York and purchased him and registered in his wife’s name, Mrs. B Woodley, on 16/06/91.

In August 1992, 30 years of the BMC 1100 were celebrated in the heart of BMC country with a cavalcade of 48 cars travelling from the BMC works at Longbridge to Hatton Country World and MXC 222H took part driven by Mr. Woodley.

MXC is the second car in the line up. Seen here during a brief stop.

The car was then kept by them until July 1997 when it was purchased by the present owners and registered to Mrs R M Turner.

The cars mileage to date is 32,000 and this would appear to be correct.

No major welding has been needed and the vehicle is original. On purchase the seats and carpets were removed and the floor area found to be dry and rot free. The boot area is as new. The biggest item of expenditure on the car has been five new tyres.

Judged the best MK 2 at the National Rally on Sunday 31st of August 1997.

Judged 3rd in Master class at the National Rally at Rufford Country Park on Sunday 13th of September 1998. Then in 1999 she was judged 2nd in Master Class at the same venue of Rufford Country Park.

Winner of Master Class 2001

This car has had very little done to it over its life and has not had a full restoration. Basically with this car "What You See Is What You Get".

Interior shot - Dashboard layout simple, yet easy to see the controls and instruments.

The 1300 GT has the twin carb enigne. Giving the car that little bit more power.

GT badges are fitted to the rear quarter panels.

The mesh grille gives the car that sporty feel. GT badge also featured on the grille.


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