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  Morris 1100/1100s


By 1963, sales of the 1100 in the UK were looking good. BMC Australia were looking at importing the 1100. Nine British spec 1100's were exported to Australia for testing to begin in the outback. A total of 190,000 miles were covered. Once the mileage was complete the vehicles were taken for examination where many modifications resulted to meet the conditions encountered in Australia.

Modifications included: Changes to the interior trimming for better comfort, re-routing of some cables and engine modifications.

Production started in 1964 at BMC's factory in New South Wales. The 1100 was released to the public on the 17th February. Unlike BMC in the UK, Australia didn't have enough stock piles of the car and struggled to keep up demand, causing a six week waiting list.

In 1965 BMC were awarded with the "1964 Car of the Year" for the Morris 1100 by Wheels magazine. The "Car of the Year" award highlighted the 1100 as being excellent, and fulfilling it's intended purpose and performance.


The Morris 1100 as launched in 1964 for the Australian Market. Only difference externally was the number plate.

During 1966 the Morris 1100 continued to hold the top spot and outsell it's rivals, the Ford Cortina and VW Beetle.

1967 saw some additions to Morris 1100. BMC added a 1275cc engine, and named the car the Morris 1100 S. Where S presumably stood for "Sports". The "S" version sold very well, proving that the 1100 replacement needed a larger, much more powerful engine.

In 1968 the automatic transmission was launched as an optional extra. It added around $250 to the price of the car. BMC began advertising the range as the His & Her cars.

BMC axed the Morris 1100 and 1100 S in 1969 to make way for the Morris 1500. The 1500 was a hybrid of a UK Morris 1100 Mk2, sharing the cropped tail fins. The Maxi 1500 E Series engine was put up front, and there was some styling changes to the front panel and bonnet to incorporate the new engine.

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