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MG6 goes up for sale on ebay


It's amazing how things change in the car world... A little over 7 months ago I was lucky enough to borrow an MG6 direct from Longbridge with a view to purchasing one. It was, however, probably the most difficult process I had ever been involved with. No negotiation, no room for manoeuvre - it was priced at what it was and that was that. So that was the end of my dream of owning a new 6. It, of course, did not stop me from eying up the second hand market and I can be regularly seen on the Internet seeing what bargains are there to be had. Imagine my surprise when...

... I came across what appeared to be a factory motor for sale on eBay. I looked at the registration number (having a eidetic memory for these things), it couldn't be could it? I felt certain it was, and went back to my original review to confirm my thoughts.

So here we sit some months later, an ex-factory demo now for sale with a claim to fame (well two infact!), being part of the 2012 Olympic games, and the second (and perhaps the best accolade any car could get) is a review on!! The 13995 price tag seem a little high I have to say...

Even though the Jamaican Olympic track and field team finished third in their medal table does it really warrant an inflated price tag?

If you fancy a big of ado16 history then contact MG directly on 08446 638 801 or by visiting their website:

You can also check out the auction on ebay by clicking here.


By Michael Turner



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