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  Marchal four-headlamp conversion


By the end of December 1966 David Hiam Ltd announced that they were carrying out a new conversion to the BMC 1100 range. It was a conversion with a difference though. Unusually they used an idea that was already in production in another country.

In 1963 the Innocenti IM3 was launched, it featured an attractive headlight, sidelight and flasher combination behind a one piece glass. The "Marchal" conversion would use the same principle as the IM3.

The conversion did have a draw back, once the new combination unit was fitted the over-riders were removed, and four blanking grommets were placed in the fixing holes. A better idea would have been to purchase four bumper bolts to complete the look.

The headlamps look a bit too fussy on the MG 1100, they would have suited the Austin and Morris versions better. Interesting choice of alloy wheels!

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The total cost including fitting and wiring was 38 17s


Conversion carried out by:


David Hiam Ltd, The Plough Garage, Minworth, Sutton Coldfield.


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