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Mangoletsi specialised in many "bolt on" conversion kits for a wide range of family cars. Giving them, better performance and making them more desirable with younger drivers. Therefore they developed a GT bolt on kit for the 1100. It was designed to keep the cars natural smoothness, while at the same time boosting performance. This kit was intended for everyday motoring and was ideally placed on the motorway.

The Magoletsi Morris 1100. Suited for everyday driving. At home in fast moving motorway traffic.

Work on the engine was confined to the cylinder head and breathing. The head kept its original valve sizes, with the seats ground to a radius for smooth and improved gas flow. The valves springs strength was increased by 15% allowing the engine to rev more for higher speeds. For smoother running, the combustion chambers were equalized, slightly reshaped and highly polished. On the breathing side, Mangoletsi's own small bore manifold was used, combined with a special exhaust manifold and large bore exhaust system. The cylinder head face was then ground down to increase the compression ratio from the standard 8.5:1 up to 9.4:1.

The normal SU HS2 carburettor was replaced with a single Solex automatic twin-choke instrument. To keep the car tractable in traffic, with lots of low speed torque, the choke sizes were limited to 20 and 22mm. This meant that there was some loss of power at the top end of the rev range. Mangoletsi indicated that their conversion kit develops 64.5 b.h.p at 5,100 r.p.m compared to 48 b.h.p of the standard car.

The Solex automatic carburettor can be seen towards the rear of the engine compartment close to the bulkhead.


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