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The Magenta was designed as competition for the Ranger. However the makers of the Magenta used their expertise of sports car design to build a chassis and body that would not only be practical but looked like a sports car. Despite keeping the traditional sports car look they managed to make it a full 4 seater car.

Before Magenta sold their car to the public they entered the car into over 20 rallies where it proved that it was the strongest and most reliable design by being first in its class at the national events. However, its important to remember that perhaps the largest contributor to this is that fact that it has the transverse engine and Hydrolastic suspension system.

Like the Ranger the Magenta has a welded rigid chassis and fibreglass body drilled to fit the components to. Magenta offered seven high gloss colours, and also made the point that with this car being lighter than the standard 1100 it meant that there was high power to weight ratio with disc brakes at front for superb braking.

The welded chassis of the Magenta along with the subframes in situ, shows the route of the Hydrolastic lines. This is the same route as they would have followed on the original body of the 1100. I was quite amazed to see that anti roll bar was welded in place. I was under the impression it was bolted on afterwards like on many other vehicles.

Unlike the ranger, the Magenta was supplied with the hood and "doors". These were all supplied as extras on Ranger models.


Magenta selling points


Traditional sports styling.

Leech like road holding.

Vivid acceleration.

Choice of seven high gloss colours.

Heavy duty steel chassis.

Easy to construct.

Economical to run.


Magenta were so confident you'd buy one they used the following line in the sales brochure "In owning a Magenta you will alleviate the problem of body corrosion and probably to the embarrassment of some the Magenta will still be here when the year of registration suffix letter comes around again. Don't let planned obsolescence lower your standards."


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