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Well, you've had the press photos promoting BMC/BL cars in all their finest - so it only seems right that the Magazine advertising is just as grand!

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Reindeer with front-wheel drive... n/a 1965 n/a
How Bonnie Courtney met the challenge of owning... n/a 1968 n/a
What this country doesn't need is just another small foreign car. n/a 1968 n/a
What this country doesn't need is just another small foreign car. n/a 1968 n/a
The one-shift shift versus... n/a 1968 n/a
We'd like to thank all the guys who helped make the... n/a 1968 n/a
To anyone who bought a second car in the last month:... n/a 1969 n/a
Most automatic transmissions make driving easier on the driver. n/a 1969 n/a
Under $2000 with liquid suspension. n/a 1969 n/a
Want a family car with a bit of quality about it... Motor 01/02/69 61
Any nation that's made "two cars in every garage" should... Time 11/07/69 n/a
More M.P.H. P.G. The new power formula Motor 02/08/69 2
The motoring equivalent of the 7 year itch Motor 09/05/70 n/a
They said we could never give you so much car... Autocar 06/04/72 2
Ask the bloke next door about his Austin 1300 Autocar 08/06/72 2
A lot of cars without Hydrolastic suspension... Autocar 05/10/72 2
 Austin & Morris range
Britain beats America in space Autocar 09/10/69 n/a
This new 1300 G.T. is a natural Motor 01/11/69 n/a
The facts. The car. Autocar 07/05/70 33
The perfect car for a dirty weekend Autocar 23/07/70 33
The 1100/1300 MkIII. Big improvements... Autocar 30/10/71 14
 Innocenti im3
perche la guardate n/a Sep 1963 n/a
perche la guardate n/a Oct 1963 n/a
perche la guardate n/a Nov 1963 n/a
perche la guardate n/a Dec 1963 n/a
la "1100" tutta diversa Mercato Sep 1966 n/a
ha stile Mercato Sep 1967 n/a
tre cose belle Mercato Dec 1967 n/a
 Innocenti J4
in curva n/a n/a n/a
j4 un viaggio nello spazio n/a May 1965 n/a
Innocenti Austin J4 n/a May 1965 n/a
questa e la "1100" di parola Mercato June 1965 247
nelle buche n/a 1965 n/a
e l'uovo non si rompe! Mercato June 1966 279
j4 motivi che contano Mercato June 1967 n/a
Nothing unbends an S-bend like the Morris 1100! Motor 10/12/66 n/a
People feel strong about Morris Autocar 05/12/68 2
Give yourself a boost Motor 25/01/69 n/a
More power per pound Car Sep 1969 2
The motoring equivalent of the 7 year itch Car/Conv Aug 1970 876
Visibility Time 07/06/63 n/a
Tomorrow's forecast... Road & Track Jan 1964 n/a
This needle moves from left to right... Mechanix June 1964 36
Who needs rear wheels? Time 11/09/1964 11
This MG Sports Sedan... Time 30/10/64 n/a
Riddle. When an MG sports sedan... Sunset Mar 1965 n/a
Please don't drink the suspension system... Car & Driver Oct 1965 n/a
this is the MG that starts a whole new... Unknown n/a n/a
two buckets... ...and a bathtub Nat Geo n/a n/a
zoom... Nat Geo n/a n/a
two driver Nat Geo n/a n/a
This proud, defiant, staunch British grille... Nat Geo n/a n/a
sports... ...sedan Nat Geo n/a n/a
You sly old fox, you! Motor Sport Feb 1967 95
The muscles of the Mark II MG 1300 Motor 28/06/69 7
The muscles of the Mark II MG 1300 Autosport 15/08/69 n/a
Travel 1st Class Autocar 11/01/68 n/a
Rare Bird Motor 21/12/68 n/a
The 1300ct. Diamond Motor 02/08/69 n/a
Your first Wolseley is rarely your last Motor 02/08/69 n/a
the most thick skinned cars in the world n/a n/a n/a
Why do BMC approve Shell Super Oil... Car Mech Mar 1967 6
The Mystique Motor Sport Mar 1972 319
The heart of your car. n/a n/a n/a
Kurust kills rust and primes... Car Mech 1978 68

With thanks to John Elwood for supplying a number of the US MG Sports Sedan adverts.


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