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Now a days you look at a car, and think "hmm, I'm sure I've seen that with a Skoda badge on it". Well can you believe that there were look-a-likes to the 1100 as well?


Fiat 1100


First up we have the Fiat 1100. The first photo shown below is the estate version of the original 1100 that was launched in 1960. The two other images are the saloon and estate versions of the Mk2 versions launched in 1966, called the 1100R. Both the 1100 and 1100R were rear wheel drive.

Very similar to the 1100 in many ways. Notice how the front end on the "revised" vehicles looks very similar to the Mk2 1100/1300 Austin & Morris models?

Autobianchi Primula


The Autobianchi Primula was launched in 1964, around the same time as the Austin 1100. The first photo, shown below, shows the three-door hatchback. Notice how the styling and overall shape are similar to that on the 1100. The bottom picture shows the full range (left to right) 5-door, 3-door, and another 3-door. Also available was a 3-door hatchback coupe version. The Primula was Fiats first attempt at a front wheel drive car however they didn't want to risk using the Fiat name in case it didn't take off. So instead they used the Autobianchi brand name. Autobianchi was founded in 1955 by Fiat, Pirelli (the tyre company) and Bianchi (an old Italian car/truck company).

The range. Unlike BMC who saturated the market, Autobianchi kept it simple.

Gilbern Invader


The Gilbern Invader was built in a factory in Wales. The bodies were made out of fibreglass giving them an advantage over similar spec cars made by Leyland. The front end styling on the Invader appears to be a slightly squashed up version of the 1100. The picture below shows the estate version which shares a similar rear portion to the Allegro. Interestingly the cars were built up using brand new MGB parts up until about 1974 when the company was taken over, and Ford Cortina parts were used instead.


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