Kit cars


By the early seventies companies were fast catching onto to the ADO16s "Rust issues". This meant that they turned their attention to designing vehicles that used the ADO16s running gear, which in theory was problem free, and do away with the problomatic body shell.

Was this just a clever way of recylcing, or just a way for you to pose in a "sporty" kit car?

 :: Cavallo Estivo

At a quick glance you'd say that it looks quite a stylish car, but when you see it close up I can assure you that it is tacky.

Not my favourite all time kit car.

 :: Hustler

I've been trying to think what comment I can say about the Hustler, and I'm afraid I can only come up with "Greenhouse on wheels" Style wasn't exactly at the top of the design principles.

 :: Magenta

The Magenta combined a sports car with a kit car, the framework (shown left) was perhaps one of the most advanced used on a kit car, and gave the shell all the rigidity it required.

 .: Navajo

Mini moke, or Ancient tribe? No, I'm definitely referring to a kit car based on the 11/1300. Designed by Alan Langridge, and heavily backed by The Duke of Richmond.

African safari - here we come...

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