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Innocenti is perhaps more commonly known for its production of the Mini. Of which more were manufactured than the 1100 version.

The IM3/IM3S was produced from 1963-1970, while the J4/J4S/J5 was produced from 1964 to 1973. (NB: some sources refer to the J4S and J5 models as "I4S" and "I5", but they are the same thing.) The 1275 engine never made it into any of the ADO16 Innocenti's.

Following Innocenti's death in 1966, his son Luigi became president of the company, but it lost direction and was heading for crisis when BL bought it for 3m in 1972; however, the failure of the Regent led to further losses and thus to Leyland's withdrawal in 1975.

The first 1100-based Innocenti, the IM3 (ie: the third Innocenti-Morris venture), was launched in the spring of 1963, with modifications to the headlamps, fascia and interior. It had the twin-carb MG engine, and interestingly, a more upright steering wheel, made possible by the insertion of a universal joint in the steering column. Thus, the column disappears under the dashboard, instead of diving straight down to the pedals as in our cars.

Other versions followed: the IM3S was essentially the same as the IM3; the Austin J4 was an Austin 1100, built under licence with the standard single-carb engine and without the significant restyling applied to the IM3 (although it did have a different grille); the I4S was a downmarket version of the IM3S. The last of the line was the Austin J5 (ie: Austin 1100 Mk2), which in 1974 gave way to the locally-built version of the Allegro, called the Innocenti Regent. Somewhere along the way, in 1972, Leyland took control of Innocenti's car-making division.

The Austin J4 - looking very similar to a standard Morris 1100? My thoughts too. I quite like the over-riders used. The front end styling is very neat, and uncluttered.

Larger side repeater lamps were fitted to the car, and a fuel filler cap was also added - could have been popular on home market models too.

The Morris IM3 - Front end treatment isn't as neat as the J4, however still shares the same bonnet chrome, but missing the badge. Instead it has been put on the grille.

Extra chrome on the bodywork gives the car a more friendly look, and the chrome finishing midway on the back door helps to show the unique styling.

A shot of the IM3 interior. Built for more comfort than cramming people in. The back seat would later be used in the Spanish MG 1300 4 door.

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Haven't I seen headlights like those used on the Morris IM3, on another ADO16?


You have probably seen those headlights used on the Marchal four-headlamp conversion car before. Further details can be found here.


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