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What do you get when a well known company (BP) launch a competition to design a car...? get an ADO16 with a shocking makeover!

The competition was launched in 1979 by BP across the whole of the UK. The idea was simple, to get children to be creative and let their minds transform a box on wheels into something fit for the future.

The pupils of Shrewsbury School came up with the Invashrew, short for Invalid car Shrewsbury. The prototype pictured above was built by students and the head of Design and Technology with assistance from a company called Evode Group PLC.

Despite the vehicle looking like a very unstylish Ice Cream van, it was actually 'years ahead' of it's time, as it was the first vehicle built that had a sliding front seat and a hydraulic wheelchair hoist. It was designed to increase the independence of wheelchair users by significantly reducing the effort necessary for loading the wheelchair and reaching the driving seat. Not only could a person with limited ability drive the vehicle, they could also carry wheelchair bound passengers, still in their chairs!

The idea was seen as so radical it was adapted, improved and installed in vehicles converted by Envoy. Many other disabled access vehicles have since been developed, but the Invashrew definitely lead the way.



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