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Engine Numbers

This list is a complete breakdown of original engine numbers fitted to the ADO16. If your number does not match with one of these codes it is probable it has been replaced at some point in the past with an A-series unit from another vehicle.

The engine number is stamped on a plate secured to the right-hand side of the cylinder block above the oil filter.

The actual serial number is prefixed by three groups of code letters/numbers indicating engine model, gearbox and engine compression ratio.

Prefix group 1

   Code    Model

10 AMW

Austin/Morris/Wolseley 1100

10 AH

Austin/Morris 1100 with closed circuit breather

10 AG

Austin/Morris/Wolseley 1100 Automatic models

10 AJ

Austin/Morris/Wolseley 1100 Automatic models with closed circuit breather

10 AM

Morris 1100 (Australian model) Imported from UK

10 AR

Morris 1100 (Australian model) Imported from UK

10 GR

MG 1100 Mk1 & Mk2/Riley 1100/Vanden Plas 1100

10 GRB

Wolseley 1100, and MG 1100 with positive crankcase ventilation

10 H

Austin/Morris/Wolseley 1100

10 R

Riley Kestrel 1100

10 V

Vanden Plas Princess 1100

10 Y

Morris 1100 (Australian model) Built in Australia

12 AM

Morris 1300 (Australian model) Imported from UK

12 AR

Morris 1300 (Australian model) Imported from UK

12 G

All 1300 Models

12 H

12 H 157

Austin America

12 H 185

Austin America

12 Y

Morris 1300 (Australian model) Built in Australia

14 Y

Morris 1500


Prefix group 2

   Code    Transmission type


Automatic transmission


Central gear change


Close ratio gear box


Standard ratio gearbox


Prefix group 3

   Code    Compression type


High compression


Low compression


Group 4


The last group of numbers is the serial number of that particular power unit e.g. 546231

An example of an engine number would be: 12 H - TA - H - 50000




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