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This story starts off with the old favourite "You can't keep them all". And sadly ,in this case (as with most others), it was a shame to break this car for spares. The pile of history supplied with car goes right back to its 3,000 service. Every repair carried out on the car, the invoice was placed in a folder with everything else.

Unfortunately, the repairs that were carried out on the car were not up to standard. Sure work had been done as it was needed, but significant changes would have meant that the car would have survived better. For example painting the inside of the floor with underseal isn't a good idea, especially if the underneath of the car has had the same treatment. Also when "bodging" repairs on the inner sills, it might be easier to allow the original access holes to be put back in? To allow rust proofing to be done.

The garage where the work had been done, did however complete the work to a standard (just not the best) The original sill that was still on the car was more solid than the one fitted to the driver's side by the garage. As for water down the bulkhead? Well if I said the words "drenched" "the" "footwell" "was", I'll let you read them as you see fit!

Even the car was sadly past it, some parts were useful, in fact I still have heaps of them in my shed. The engine was to be used in my Uncle's MG project car, but it has reached a stand still, and the trim was to be used in another 1300 GT, this time vandals decided that setting fire to the car would be fun.

One day I might scan all the paperwork I have for you to see, although with in a period of approx 10 years the car had about 3500 spent on it to keep it roadworthy.

As first seen, Not looking to bad, a few rusty marks (these would polish out).

The front floor well was past it! Totally rotten! Leaky bulkhead to blame?

This hole appeared in the floor while trying to remove the back seat... it was worrying.

Awaiting for Mr Scrapman to finish off the job we started...


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