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The Hustler was the brain child of the William Towns. Towns devised the Hustler as a study in simple body construction for low volume production methods. Within 3 months the car was running.

The first vehicle was built using a steel monocoque of folded panels, with removable body panels in fibreglass and a roof of vinyl-trimmed marine plywood. The seats were similar to those used in a works canteen, and the floor was covered in ribbed rubber matting. A glove box was added to dashboard, and this consisted of a satchel attached to flat panel dashboard. Towns also copied the idea of sliding windows from the mini, but did it on a much larger scale and used these as the doors. There was a top hinged hatchback at the rear for easy loading. Access to the engine was straight forward.

The second version of the car emerged because people were very interested in whole concept. By this time other "kit" cars were in production, and Hustler decided that they should opt to for the rigid tubular steel frame set in a fibreglass shell. The Hustler could be built up as a field car, an open top jeep, a flat-bed truck, a camper or as the six wheeler. This used mini suspension parts, and gave twice the load capacity and 30 cu.ft more volume.

The third version of the Hustler boasted more refinements, and finally started to shake off that "Works canteen" interior. The latest design features a lightweight two part frame, the upper carrying the glass and superstructure, the lower the subframes. Together these would sandwich a leather-grained fibreglass interior moulding. The exterior panels were still detachable, and internally a leather grained facia panel and headliner, complete with aircraft console give a professional finish (?????). The sliding glass doors were now tinted, and housed in black anodised aluminium frames. This version was 8 inches lower, and has a sleeker bonnet line. This version was also fitted with flared wheel arches, side skirts and a dominant front air-dam.

By 1980 the package was about to be re-launched, this time at the 1980 Motor show (how they managed to get in here we'll never know!!). This version had side panels made out of mahogany ply, finished with a coat varnish. They even had the plans, panels, and parts you needed to put one together.

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