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Earl Sharpe contacted me by email recently, with details of his Austin America. Such a wonderful story I thought it'd be nice to share it.

In April of 2004 my wife Faith and I were informed of an Austin sitting in an auto compound in Fredericton New Brunswick which looked similar to the 1960 Austin A40 Mk1 we already own. My father had purchased the A40 new in 1960 in Vancouver BC. We went to look at the Austin through the wire fence, and discovered it was a 1969 Austin America, it looked as if it was in good condition. We went back on Monday and attempted to start it in the rain, it didnít run well and actually died. I made enquiries about how much they wanted, and was told that $2200 CDN was the asking price. I made an offer of $1800 CDN, and the vehicle was sold!

Finally got it going the next day and drove into Fredericton on the main road. My youngest son, then 16, was impressed with all the car drivers and passengers looking at the America - certainly an eye catcher. That was until the exhaust fell off at the manifold and then my son ducked onto the floor.

After getting back home, I started fixing the running equipment. Exhaust first and then the steering rack. Parts in Canada are impossible to find but I now have a couple of Rubbermaid containers full. The garage who did the MVI thought the disc brake pads were wearing abnormal and were about to replace them with NOS parts until they took a look at the new pads and saw that they were the same as what was on the car. Rear brakes like new as well.

I am very pleased with my purchase. The America needs some minor repairs to the rocker panels but the rest of the car is solid as a rock. No welding in the quarter panels or fenders. Interior is original. Dash needs to be recovered and the headliner whitened but just as clean inside as it is outside.

Since purchasing my America, I have become a member of the Austin America registry. More details of the Austin America registry can be found here.

Earl Sharpe's Austin America looking very attractive in Pale Primrose.

Even on a gloomy day the light colour really stands out well.


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