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  An eBay surprise


After originally reading about Andrew's purchase on I thought it'd be great to find out a little more information about why he chose an ADO16, and of course the story so far...

My father owned a Morris 1300 and when he passed away in 1975 I pleaded with my mother to keep the car until I was old enough to drive, I was 13, so understandably she had to sell it, so I promised myself that I would one day own an ADO16 of some kind.

Thirty years later March 2005 I was browsing through E Bay looking for a small van to purchase and came across a 1971 Austin 1100 for sale. I placed a bid but I was soon out bid, the auction was finishing when I was away in Scotland (Rugby Trip) so I decided not to follow up on the bidding.

Andrew's Austin 1100. Not the original eBay picture but you can see why Andrew would have wanted to place a bid on this vehicle.

On returning from Scotland I had fantastic news, my wife had placed a bid and won the Austin on my behalf. I telephoned the seller and agreed to pick up the car from Swindon later on in the week. The guy was so happy that his car was being bought by someone who was going to look after it, and to this day we keep in touch via e-mail and he is very interested on how his old car is going.

The car is a 1970 Austin 1100 MKII in Midnight blue, my wife and I call it Jack after my father, it has 49k on the clock, and runs very well. A fair amount of work was carried out in 2003, including a new subframe, sills and fuel pump, and I have all the receipts for the work done going back many years, as well as all the handbooks, workshop manuals, service records and even a petrol ration book.

Andrew & Helen's car has a few period extras such as the reversing lamps mounted on the boot lid, and also the additional wheel trims.

Since I purchased the car I have fitted new brakes all round, new drive couplings, exhaust, and a few bits and bobís but nothing drastic. I have invested in a compressor so the next plan is to learn how to spray, so I can bring the bodywork back up to scratch.

Even the interior is mint! What more could you ask for?

I feel really proud to own this car, it brings so many smiles from passers by, and strangers seem to approach me and just chat about the car, and their past associations with these cars. After being a Rover mechanic for 21 years, itís nice to go back to basics, dust down the spanners and overalls, and enjoy the reason I became a mechanic in the first place.


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