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Neil Castle owns a 1965 Wolseley 1100 Mk1, which can be seen in the featured gallery. Imagine Neil's shock when he buys a model on eBay... of his own car! Here Neil finds out how such a model came into being. - Did have a part to play in this model creation?

I saw a model of a green Wolseley 1100 advertised on eBay and bought. I bought the model because it is the same colour as my own car (having only another colour of the Vitesse model up until now). Imagine my surprise and delight on opening the package to see the model is not only an accurate reproduction of the car in colour and detail, but the model has the exact same registration number as my own car! I'm not sure when and how Vitesse decide on the exact appearance of a model and how and when they may have seen my car, but this is spooky!

After checking the Vitesse web site it was confirmed, Winnie is a model.

The official Vitesse model of Neil Castle's Mk1 Wolseley Winnie.

The actual model I have has cream wheel rims - not black ones as shown in the image above. I have phoned the UK agent to ask how they came to make this model - his wife said he is in Hong Kong, but has passed on the message on and said he is the one who decides on colours, registration numbers etc for the UK, it turns out that they find vehicles from books, and web sites.

I feel very privileged to have a model of my car - they have made 1200 of them - so Winnie will be around for a very long time in one way or another!

Winnie in the flesh! Check out the featured gallery for more detail shots of Winnie.

Neil and myself would be interested to hear from any other ADO16 owner who has had their car immortalised in this way. Use the "Email" button above to contact me.


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