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  Glass fibre Morris 1300 prototype


In 1969 the first plastic bodied ADO16's were rolling off the production line in Chile to be sold as MG 1300s. However, before the car was produced in Chile the first prototype built was in fact a Morris 1300.

This illusive vehicle has been spotted occasionally when Gaydon have had an open day in the past. Keith Adams was visiting Gaydon and recently spotted this illusive vehicle. Keith managed to capture some of differences between the standard ADO16 and this plastic prototype.

As the car is made using a mould the weather channels are stuck to the side of the car afterwards, which would explain why the section has a different shape.

Usually the missing join between the front panel and wing might suggest foul play. On this occassion though it's 100% genuine.

It seems strange seeing no gap between the wings and the scuttle. At least a glass fibre bulkhead would mean no water leaks (hopefully!).

Under the bonnet shows how difficult it is to get some of the shapes right. The bulkhead under the brake and clutch master cylinder has been moulded rather squarely and large reinforcing pieces are pop riveted to the fibre glass.

The slam panel is slightly broader, and the bonnet catch is slightly different.

The structure of the underside of the bonnet is very different. The front edge where the catch fits is deeper than normal.

The interior is pretty standard. The only major difference is this particular interior seems to have been taken from a Wolseley.


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