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  Getting started


Not sure whether to buy or not? It's a decision that shouldn't be rushed. How well do you know the car you are about to buy? Are spares easy to get? Do they rot as badly as everyone says? Is it going to cost you a small fortune to own your classic?

I've put this guide together to help you decide if an ADO16 is the right car for you.

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Commonly asked questions
Important pointers
How to use the prospective owners section



Try setting yourself some goals for classic car ownership. I find this helps motivate me, and at the same time makes sure I can get the best out of my ADO16.

My goals for owning an ADO16 are:

1. Keeping my car on the road for as long as possible.
2. Share my experiences with other owners/prospective owners.
3. Attend rallies to show the car, and share stories.
4. Own something that's "different".


Commonly asked questions.


When you own a car that was built in the 1960's - 1970's you usually get asked numerous questions about parts and rot. Some of the more commonly asked ones are listed below. You can jump to the answer by clicking the question.

  Are spares easy to obtain?
  Do ADO16s rot as much as everyone says they do?
  Are ADO16s easy to maintain?

Are spares easy to obtain?.


Mechanically - Spares aren't too much of a problem. Most engine parts are mostly available, thanks to Mini's and other A series vehicles. Subframes and hydrolastic displacer units are becoming harder to find. So it's important to check that everything is solid underneath by agreeing to purchase.

Bodily - Panels are becoming harder to get hold of. Nearside (passenger) side wings are available as original British Leyland panels. Offside (drivers) side are unavailable new. It is possible to get reproduction panels, these can be difficult to fit, and do not have the same shape as the original panels. Front panels are also hard to get as original British Leyland panels, again these can be bought as reproduction items, but can be tricky to fit. Floor pans are not available, but a metal fabricator should be able to make up replicas easily. Sills are still available from numerous manufacturers, and are available as either reproductions or the genuine panel. Beware that you don't buy cover sills.


Do ADO16s rot as much as everyone says they do?.


It's hard to answer this question quickly. Some do, and some don't. Check out thebuying guidefor more details.


Are ADO16s easy to maintain?.


Mechanically - The A series engine is possibly one of the easiest power units to look after. Very clean and also very cheap to run.

Bodily - Tackle those tiny chips and rust blobs before they get too bad and you'll notice the difference.


Important pointers.


When using my restoration pages the following pointers should be noted at all times:


Do not attempt to carry out a job unless you can comfortably finish what you start.


Just because something has worked well for us, it doesn't always mean that will work for other




Please remember that you should always put safety first.


Never start the car in an enclosed space, as the fumes are highly toxic.


Keep clear of moving parts under the bonnet once the engine is running. While it might be


tempting to stick your fingers in fan, its generally not a good idea.


If jacking up the car remember its important to ensure you block the car up, either with axles


stands or blocks of wood if you are attempting to carry out a job where you need to go under


the car.


 :: Remember

Working on cars, can be dangerous, if you exercise care, and common sense you really can't go wrong!


How to use the prospective owners section.


I would recommend that you read through each section in turn. That way you will ensure that you get the most of the guide. If you have any comments then click the "Email" button above.


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