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Get involved! has been a feature on the internet, in one guise or another, since 1999. One thing that has always been at the heart of the site is the "community". That is to say, we are in a privileged position to have regular visitors from across the world. In December 2012 we received substantial hits from the following countries: United States, United Kingdom, China, Russia, Germany, Japan, France, Ukraine, Australia, Sweden, Belgium, Thailand, Ireland, Netherlands, New Zealand, Slovenia, Italy, Denmark, Canada, Spain, Portugal, Czech Republic and Finland. The ADO16 experts amongst you will know that our humble cars were not originally destined to be in some of these countries - and therefore it is important that our community remains strong and that is where you can play a vital role.

Getting involved with does not mean you become part of the "regular" team, by that I mean working behind the scenes doing the coding, the uploading - the time consuming "stuff". It can be as simple as writing an article, submitting a cover star, or scanning some adverts. Put simply, if you have 10 minutes to spare to help the site continue to grow I'd be very willing of that time.

Everything received we aim to publish. There are some occasions where for various reasons, such as copyright infringement, we are unable to do this - and where appropriate we will endeavour to get in touch to let you know why we are unable to use your submission.

Image submission

Whether it's an image for the cover star reel (see the homepage for this feature) or to be used alongside something you've written for inclusion on the site check out our six simple steps below to ensure your image gets used.

1) The photo you send, must be in focus, cover the whole of the item you are taking the picture of (i.e. the car). It helps for the image to be clear of other items, such as: pets, parts, people (unless they are modeling), and other cars where possible.

2) Images need to be at least 2000 x 1500 pixels, as this allows us to crop them to their best!

3) Old photos are perfectly acceptable (if you owned an 11/1300 back in 60's/70's), please ensure they are scanned to a high quality.

4) We can cover up your number plate should you wish for your registration number to remain anonymous.

5) Send us a caption of no more than 30 words to run alongside your photo.

6) Finally email us with your submission.

Click the photo to the right to view the ideal submission.



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